Not Just Entertainment; An Entertainment Experience


I will create a personal and fun custom website to help with the planning where you can access all your planning forms, timelines, request and song lists as well as hundreds of song suggestions.

Wireless microphones supplied for all speeches and toasts. The highest quality sound through my concert grade professional sound system creating the highest energy level felt anywhere.

Read some of my reviews! Most couples refer to their receptions as “AMAZING”!

The Ceremony


I would be happy to customize anything you are envisioning. To some couples the ceremony is the most important part of the day, while others just want it over with so they can party.








Add some live entertainment to your ceremony. Such as a live pianist, for example, to play as your guests arrive as well as all the processional and recessional music.



Uplighting will create maximum impact with reception decor. Choose from countless color shades to transform your reception with a beautiful enhancements that packs an elegant punch. Lights are LED and that makes them cool to the touch. My uplights are the brightest on the market and can change color to the beat of the music around the room or just on a specific wall.



Philadelphia Event lighting


Custom Monogram


Your wedding is the most important, memorable day in your life. Because of this, it is vital to take care of every detail to ensure it is that perfect, magical day you always dreamed of. My wedding monograms will help make sure it is the event of a lifetime not only for you and your significant other, but all those who attend.

My custom glass monograms are created using your own artwork or artwork instruction and deliver unrivaled results when it comes to color, clarity, and design complexity. I believe wedding monograms should be as unique as the couple tying the knot – one of a kind.

I also offer moving monograms that scroll through the wall.


Party Lights

Ladies and Gentlemen…Your Dance Floor is Now Open!


Party Lights will enhance your dance floor by giving the area that extra flare.

Color changing light patterns when the dance floor opens to the last dance.

Standard Lighting  Includes 2 Wash Lights, 2 Derby Effects, 4 Low Voltage UV Strobes, 2 Moving Heads, and 1 Laser.

Take your reception to the next level.

Intelligent Lighting w/Totems


Totem lighting creates an elegant feel with color changing LED lights to enhance your dance floor. 

 Photo Booth


I have 6 photo booth options. More than anyone else around.

Open Air, Enclosed, Inflatable, Mirror, 360, and Multi Media.

  • Open-Air

The booth will consist of a freestanding background. This configuration allows you to have lots of people in the picture at once. Typically, 8-10 people can cram into the picture. Great fun for groups but does not provide the intimacy of the Enclosed type.

  • Enclosed

The booth will be entirely enclosed, so you and your guests have total privacy while taking your photos. This configuration is much more intimate but cannot accommodate large groups. A bench is provided. Typically, two people fit comfortably, with an absolute maximum of four people in the picture.

  • Inflatable

Great look! A little private but not as much as the enclosed and some larger groups can get in the picture.

  • Amazing Mirror

The latest trend. Just touch the mirror and begin.

  • Multi Media

How about we bring the booth to you! Take the picture and you text it to yourself or email it to yourself and its ready to post on Social Media.

360 Spin

The new 360 spin video booth.

View the video to check out the latest craze in photo booths. We bring the booth to you! Multi Media Booth. Pictures ready to post to your social media accounts.

Live Entertainment


Live Entertainment will create a fun and exciting environment for your cocktail hour, dinner or even your ceremony.

Pianist, Guitarist, Horns, Percussionist, Crooner

2nd DJ

You have the option to add a second DJ to the mix. While the other is mixing and keeping the music playing and the dance floor packed, the other is seen and heard with a wireless mic on and around the dance floor making sure everyone is up and having the time of their lives and also taking care of other formalities.

I have done wedding as far back as 2008 and clients who added the second DJ has told me that, even today, 13 years later, people still talk about their reception.

Take your wedding reception, over the top!!

Dancing on the Clouds

One of the most amazing effects to hit the dance floor!

You will be on cloud 9 forever! Enjoy your first dance on the clouds.

Our dancing on clouds atmospheric effect has received the best feedback from our clients and it’s one of the top upgrade favorites. The whole effect will last your entire first dance and the memories and stunning photos and videos will last a lifetime.

The fog will cover the whole dance floor and it’s perfect for special dances. It uses dry ice to create a dramatic landscape to capture breathtaking photos and videos. Completely safe for indoor use without setting off fire alarms.

We will take a video of your first dance on the clouds. We can air drop it to you before the end of dinner.


Watch the video below for the full effect.

Cold Spark Fountains


Cold sparks are a revolutionary special effect. They work just like classic pyro technics without the dangers of common fireworks. Our sparkler Fountains shoot off cold sparks that are completely safe for indoor use. They can be used for grand entrances or to take your first dance to a new level.


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