Add Some Live Entertainment

Professional Musicians

The Ceremony Pianist

The beautiful sound of the Grand Piano.

If your venue has their own piano, we would be more than happy to use it. This Grand Piano we used for the ceremony at the beautiful Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware.


My musicians can play anything!

For all our Phillies Fans, Dale plays “Dancing on my Own” as the Processional and “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music for The Brides Entrance.


Nothing is out of the question. We can do whatever meets your vision.




As your officiant announces, “For the first time anywhere, I now pronounce you a newly married couple!’ Our live pianist will take over playing the custom recessional music, of your choice, as you and your new spouse walk down the isle to a resounding round of applause from your family and friends.





If your venue doesn’t have a piano, that’s no problem! We can bring our own and plug it into a speaker to make sure every note is heard. All custom music. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll make sure it sounds great!




Prelude music as your guests arrive for the ceremony or cocktail music awaiting the special introductions of the bridal party, our live pianists will be sure to “wow” your guests. The beautiful patio of the Greenville Country Club is the background to the video on the right.




How about a jazz trio, featured in the video to the left at the Beautiful and Historic Farmhouse in Wilmington, Delaware.

Tap your foot and set the mood with a live jazz duo, trio, quartet, or a quintet.

Guitars, horns, piano, drums, or even vocalists. Custom pricing…just tell us what you’re thinking.

Nothing is impossible! We can and will make it happen!




Any Frank Sinatra fans out there? Recreatiting the iconic sound of Frank Sinatra is our crooner Sean “Sinatra” Reilly.

Listen to the video on the right, close your eyes, and you’ll think Frank himself is in the room with you.





Our crowd interactive crooner will even take requests. To the left is a video of an Italian Night at the Lazaretto Ballroom located just outside great city of Philadelphia.

Walking around the room, singing directly to you, tell him what your favorite Sinatra song is, and then just listen.

You won’t be disappointed! Sean is one of the best around and winning a national Frank Sinatra talent contest.




Everyone has a little “New York” in them. Weather it’s a Broadway Show, dinner, shopping, or just taking in the sites, it is “The City that Never Sleeps”.


Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today
I want to be a part of it: New York, New York

These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it: New York, New York

I wanna wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep
And find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap

These little town blues, are melting away
I’ll make a brand new start of it in old New York

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York, New York

New York, New YorkI want to wake up in a city that never sleeps
And find I’m a number one, top of the list
King of the hill, a number one

These little town blues, oh, are melting away
I’m gonna make a brand new start of it in old New York
And if I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York, New York

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